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Tournament Travel Information

Competitive Team Tournaments

NWPC Recreational and Development Teams will have the opportunity to compete in 1-2 tournaments per session (fall, winter, spring, summer.) All tournaments are optional and the session will usually include 1 Regional/Local (Oregon or Canada) and one travel tournament (California). 

Elite Teams will compete in 2-3 tournaments per session (fall, winter, spring, summer). These could be any combination of Regional/Local (Oregon or Canada) and Travel (Nevada, Texas or California) tournaments dependent on the session. 

Tournament registration and fees must be completed and paid by the corresponding deadline on SportsEngine for the athlete to be rostered. 

Regional/Local Tournaments 18U, 16U and 14U: Fees for tournaments in Oregon or Canada include tournament attendance, hotels and team vans to travel to the tournaments. Athletes are responsible for all meals during travel. 
*Estimated fees are $300 per athlete/tournament.

Travel Tournaments for 18U, 16U and 14U:  Fees include tournament attendance, hotels and team vans at the destination. Air fare and flight booking will be the responsibility of the athlete, with direction from coaches on appropriate flights so that the team can travel together upon landing. Athletes may book any seat or coordinate booking with friends to sit together. Athletes are responsible for all meals during travel. 
*Estimated fees are  $400 per athlete/tournament. Jr. Olympics estimated fees are $650 per athlete. 

12U/10U Tournaments: Fees include tournament attendance only. Athletes should travel to and stay with parents/guardians at both regional and travel destinations. Parents/guardians are responsible for all travel related expenses including air fare, hotels, local transportation and meals for both the athletes and themselves. Coaches will advise best flights for the tournament timeline, but athletes/parents may book the best flights/airline for their situation. 
*Regional tournament estimated fees are $250 per athlete/tournament.
Travel tournament estimated fees are $300 per athlete/tournament. Jr. Olympics estimated fees are $500 per athlete. 

Tournament Packing Guide

Important: Pack light - everything in a single swim/water polo bag.  

Suits: Athletes should wear only NWPC suits. For new athletes, the team has limited number of suits available for purchase. If that is not an option, please wear an all black water polo suit. 

Uniform: Athletes are expected to wear only NWPC shirts/hoodies while traveling. Any color and brand of sweatpants or shorts are allowed.

Towels: Pack a towel. Hotel towels are not to be brought to the tournament. 

Other items to pack: running shoes and socks, water bottle (empty if flying), goggles (if needed), toothbrush, medications, phone*, phone charging cable, ear plugs (if needed for sleeping), and a book or cards. *electronics are not allowed during the trip, but athletes will be encouraged to call home from their hotel each night.

Snacks: No sugar, chips or unhealthy foods/drinks are allowed during travel. Please do not pack any of these items. 

Tournament Expectations for Athletes

Electronics: Athletes are not to use cell phones, laptops, tablets (electronics in general) when in the team van, at meals or at the pool. Athletes will be given a warning, a second offense will result in the device being taken away. Athletes are encouraged to call home when the team is back at the hotel. 

Meals: Athletes are responsible for all of their own meals while traveling. Around $40-60 per day. If your athlete has food allergies or dietary restrictions, please notify the coach. 

Snacks: Healthy eating only during travel. No sugar, chips or unhealthy foods/drinks are allowed during travel. 

Behavioral Expectations During Team Travel:
Engaging in the following behaviors will result in the team running and/or individual members being sent home (at the coach's discretion):
1. Being late to a team meeting,
2. Being rowdy/inappropriate in public,
3. Missing or not participating in dry land conditioning,
4. Leaving gear at the pool,
5. Not cleaning up after meals,
6. Not cleaning up after being in the van,
7. Leaving your hotel room for any unapproved reason,
8. Disrespecting a coach, teammate, opponent or referee.

​​​​​​Behavior at Team Hotels: Athletes are expected to remain in their room. If an athlete is found in a room they are not supposed to be in, or outside of the hotel without a coach's permission, they will immediately be taken to the airport and sent home at the family's expense. 

Common violations of the Behavioral Expectations while traveling will result in a team run. However, any repeated, dangerous, or egregious conduct, as determined by the coach, will result in the athlete being taken to the airport and sent home at the family's expense.

Serious violations of NWPC or USAWP Codes of Conduct will result in the athlete being taken to the airport, sent home at the family's expense, and disciplinary action as determined by NWPC and/or USAWP.

Typical Tournament Timeline

Please verify the following information for each tournament. The information provided is for planning guidelines. 

When to Meet: 
Regional Tournaments: Coaches will set a departure time for the vans based on the tournament schedule. 
Travel Tournaments: The team usually meets around 1.5 hours prior to any flight.

Where to Meet:
Regional Tournaments: Mercer Island Park and Ride. Exit 7: Island Crest Way off of I-90.
Travel Tournaments:  Airline's check-in counter. Athletes will walk through security together. If you arrive after the team designated meeting time, athletes will need to meet the team at the gate. 

After Landing: 
1. The team will regroup after exiting the jetway and go together to meet the vans. 
2. Usually, the team's first stop will be at a grocery store for athletes to purchase food items and toiletries they may need for the trip.
      - Most athletes purchase a 1 gallon jug of water to refill throughout the tournament,
      - This is an opportunity to purchase any toiletries required for the trip, 
      - Athletes should purchase sunscreen at this time (if needed),
      - Athletes should purchase food for in-between games and at the hotel. No junk food or sugar drinks.
3. Depending on the time, athletes will either head directly to the pool for competition or the hotel to prepare for the tournament.

Athletes will be updated by the coaches as to meeting times and locations for each game of the tournament. Most tournaments hold games at multiple venues. In addition to their own games, athletes may attend games in support of other NWPC teams at the tournament. 
Occasionally, there will be time for the coaches to arrange an activity for the team, like going to the beach. Athletes will be notified of those opportunities as the tournament schedule evolves. 
Generally, athletes will remain with the team for the entire tournament. This includes eating all meals and participating in all activities with the team. Athletes can separate from the team following their last NWPC game of the tournament, to meet family or return home on flights different from the team. The coaches must be notified of these arrangements.

Return to Seattle:
Regional Tournaments: Meet vans at Mercer Island Park and Ride. Exit 7: Island Crest Way off of I-90. Arrival time will be communicated to you by your athlete.
Travel Tournaments: Arrange to meet your athlete at the airline gate or outside of the terminal's secure area. In order to meet your athlete at the gate, you need to check in with the airline's customer service desk and your name must be attached to your athlete's reservation as the person to call/responsible in the reservation. You will need ID and possibly the credit card used to book your athlete's flight. Older athletes may be met by cars at the departure drop-off or arrival pick-up circles.  Athletes should tell their coach if they are leaving to meet rides outside the terminal.